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Mobility scooter DL24800-4

To cater to your mobility needs, Marshell's electric mobility scooters are engineered to easy operation, high performance, durable reliability and versatile use to give you the freedom of moving around your community, to amuse your every cruise and to ease your burden of carrying groceries and stuff home.


  • Well design of the package, so the goods can be protected well.
  • Speed can be adjusted.
  • Smart steering system, easy to make forward and backward.
  • Good climbing ablity and can park easily on Hills


  • Max. Speed: 11KM/H
  • Max. Travelling Range: 50KM
  • Climbing Capacity: 20%
  • Brake Range: 4m
  • Minimum Turning Radius: 4m
  • Gross Weight: 197KG
  • Carrying Capacity: 170KG
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