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Medium scooter

From 15.00€/day

Medium scooter

EUROPEAN BRAND mobility scooters.

The Invacare® Leo® is a Mobility Scooter designed for all those that value their independence and wish to get out and about unaided.

Safety is a key feature of the Leo, but this does not detract from its stylish and sporty looks. The Mobility Scooter Leo offers users the freedom and confidence to enjoy their essential Benidorm daily outings and leisure excursions.

INVACARE LEO Scooter to Hire at main features:

  • Autonomy 36km (19.5miles) 8km/h.
  • Overall length: 122cm
  • Overall width: 59cm
  • Maximum user weight: 136kg / 230pounds

The Invacare® Leo® is designed for individuals that value their independence and wish to get out and about.

Safety is a key feature of the Leo.

This stylish and sporty mobility aid has lots to orfer with additional accessories to help with those essential daily outings or relaxing leisure excursions.

icono Open the 365 days a year.

icono Telephone support 24h / 365 days.

icono Free parking and charging in the shop.

icono Civil liability insurance coverage of € 600,000.

icono Free delivery and collection from your hotel.

icono Possibility of return of Scooter in the store, even if it is closed.

icono Return of scooter up until 03:00 AM in uncle peds (next door).

icono Maintenance and repairs service.

icono +20€ of deposit.

icono Fantastic offers in long term rentals.

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