The best service for scooters hire in Benidorm

Our fleet of scooters is formed exclusively by a selection of the best companies (Invacare, Sterling, Vermeiren) and new purchases, which is a guarantee of the best quality. This excludes Chinese-made scooters, old scooters or scooters whose origin is the second-hand market.

We are leaders in the speed of service in both delivery and collection. In 15 minutes maximum we have the capacity to serve you without you having the need to wait hours and hours.

We are the only business which offers you for free an appropriate liability insurance covering up to €600,000 work with the most prestigious insurance companies.
Possibility of return of Scooter in the store, even if it is closed.

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Mobility scooters to hire in Benidorm
We work with the best brands


Easy availability

We have got an incredibly flexible opening timetable every day of the year, holidays and weekends included.
In wintertime we open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, but you can park your vehicle on the shop’s terrace until 12 p.m.
In summertime we open from 9:00 to 8.00 p.m. but vehicles can be parked on the shop’s terrace until 3 a.m.
Loading and parking is completely free. We have more than 100 parking spaces in our shop.



They can be made in three different ways: online in our website, in our shop os trough the hotel (delivery and pick up free of charge).


Safe renting

We are the only business which offers you for free an appropriate liability insurance covering  €600,000 work with the most prestigious insurance companies.



As was as a rental service, we have our own repair shop and official technical service, where your Scooter can be repaired or maintained with guarantee and confidence.



More and more people make use of long-tem rentings: 1, 2, 3 or more months. This is a very interesting choice since the renting prices in winter are really low, and it is absolutely worthwhile if the price of purchasing a new Scooter is taken into account.


24h / 365 days support

Open the 365 days a year. Telephone support all year long at any time. Call us at (0034) 965 856 427 or 631 399 645.


Parking and charging

Free parking and charging in the shop for hire a scooter.


Collection and Return

Free delivery and collection from your hotel. Return of scooter up until 03:00 AM in uncle peds (Next door).


Long term

Fantastic offers in long term rentals. Check with us if you are interested.

Our customers review

Thank you very much for giving us such an exceptional service. They bring us the scooter to the door of the hotel and we left it in their parking, we din't have to worry about the schedule. An unbeatable service. Juan Lopez tourist from Asturias